Monday, September 5, 2011

Small Government TEA Party Ideals

Constitutionally limited government, free market trade and fiscal responsibility.

I prefer candidates who share these ideals, but not just recently, I look for candidates who have been sharing them for years. Ron Paul is the only Presidential Candidate who fits that bill. Rick Perry and Mitt Romney as well as almost every other candidate have begun to sound like Paul but none of them can show any kind of record to prove they live by it. Mitt Romney Romney and John Huntsman are going to attend a TEA Party Express event this weekend but neither of these guys can show any record to prove they stand on TEA Principles.

Rick Perry has even jumped on the TEA Party bandwagon claiming to be for small government. That's almost laughable, but a recent Gallop poll published by USA Today shows TEA Party supporters back Rick Perry. My first thought is where are they getting these TEA Party supporters from while my second thought is hoping that it's really not this easy to fool TEA Party supporters, is it? I hope not.

Rick Perry is a big government statist, a central planner of the highest order. It's bad enough he tried to mandate that teenage girls should receive the highly controversial vaccination Gardisil he later admitted it was the wrong move only to clarify that they should have used the state legislature to get it done. AS IF THAT'S BETTER!!! Limited Government, please?

I believe our nation is in need of leader who wants to put America first. A leader who will help rebuild our greatness. I want a leader who can show support for these ideals. A verifiable track record, so I can rest assured they will stand by them. For the sake of our nation I hope we can elect such a leader in 2012.



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  1. backing Rick Perry is backing the globalist One World Government Progressives. There are many examples of why he is without a doubt Unconstitutional.. Here are a few examples.

    PERRY'S RECORD: 1. Supports Eminent Domain takeovers in Texas 2. Supports forced vaccines on girls (specifically Gardasil) 3. Supports Instate tuition for illegal aliens 4. Calls border fence, "Cockamamie." 5. Added Muslim Curriculum to Texas Public Schools! 6. Pro 9-11 Mosque 7. Attends Bilderberg Meetings- Pushing for a New World Order 8. Introduced Legislation to dissolve American Independence through the NAFTA Super Highway - Trans-Texas Corridor 9. Supported the North American Union and Ending American Sovereignty 10. Wants Texas to Secede from the Union. 11. Was a Al Gore Democrat 12. Supports giving Illegals Tuition 13. Perry has raised Taxes 14. Texas Schools High School Graduation is Low 15. Educational Spending is High. 16. Texas' average wage is Low compared to the rest of America. 17 The #1 employer in Texas is the Federal Gov..

    and this is who the "small government" "Constitutional" Tea Party is supporting? Makes you wonder...

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