Friday, June 22, 2012

Fast and Furious

I understand the criticism against President Obama and AG Eric Holder, after all this was going to be the most transparent administration ever.   That being said, It bothers me that so many people are so upset at the actual act which occurred and not the cover up.  As a liberty loving American, I believe everyone should be allowed to own firearms.   I also believe criminals will obtain firearms one way or another, whether they are legal or not.  If law enforcement wants to track the trade channels of cartels through this seems like a reasonable way to do it.  I mean, I don't aggree with the war on drugs at all, I think it needs to end, but as far as proper law enforcement techniques go, you need to follow the money.

It's sad that American law enforcement officers died, but their death is not a result of under cover guns, the deaths are a result of criminals, shooting them.  The policy might be questionable in how it was carried out, but these murderers would have obtained firearms some way if the under cover guns were not available.  As a strong supporter of the 2nd amendment I hear all the time, that "guns don't kill people, people do".  I think it's time we remember that.  We can't expect people to take us seriously if now we jump on this bandwagon, that these guns are to blame.  They were a tool, that is all.

You might not agree with the Obama administration on the program, and that is fine, that is your right.  We won't all agree all the time on policies and how they are carried out, but the real problem here, the problem that should be the focus of our attention is that the Obama Administration is holding out, hiding the documents which will tell us exactly what happened and how it happened.  Focus on the real problem and not the fluff being pedaled by the talking heads. 



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