Saturday, June 9, 2012

Vermilion County, IL Republicans say no to Dr. Ron Paul

85,000 People in IL voted for Ron Paul in the Primary and the only chance those of us in IL have to share our ideals at the National Convention rest in the hands of the Chairmen of Delegations from the Counties and Wards throughout the state. We need 50 signatures for the chance to make a motion on the floor of the IL state Convention.  This motion would simply allow a floor vote on 6 Delegates who represent Ron Paul, which equals the number of Delegates equal to the 85,000 who voted for Dr. Paul. Mike Marron, the Vermilion County Chairman has decided he would not give those of us who believe Dr. Paul's ideals a voice.  Without this motion 85,000 in the state of IL will be disenfranchised.

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