Thursday, June 21, 2012

S. 2205: 2nd Amendment Sovereignty Act of 2012

S. 2205 Introduced by Kansas Senator Jerry Moran is the latest attempt to prevent further intrusion from Anti-Gun U.N. Treaty mandates.  This would prohibit the Obama administration from following the UN Arms Trade Treaty (ATT).  The ATT is another attempt to impose massive restrictions on U.S. gun rights.

  • Require the registration and license of American firearms.
  • Require “micro stamping” of ammunition.
  • Define manufacturing so broadly that any gun owner who adds an accessory such as a scope or changes a stock on a firearm would be required to obtain a manufacturing license.
  • Again, ban large categories of firearms all together.
GOA (Gun Owners of America) is continually briefing Senators on the dangers of this treaty.  We even have a number of Senators who have committed in writing to oppose the treaty.

Please take a minute to urge your own Senators to cosponsor S. 2205, the Second Amendment Sovereignty Act of 2012.



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