Thursday, August 16, 2012

Do Voter ID laws disenfranchise voters?

Do Voter ID laws disenfranchise voters? 

Well, I can't get on board an airplane, open a bank account or  buy a car, firearm, cold medicine, drain cleaner or lye or even cash a check, without Proper ID.  But somehow verifying identity at the polls goes against my civil rights.  Does that make sense to you?

Pennsylvania has just become the most recent state to enact strict photo id requirements in order to vote.  The left has gone into full force trying to fight the spread of these kind of laws which only serve to verify the identity of voters before they vote in elections.  Some actually suggest that many people won't be able to vote because they don't have id.  Who doesn't have ID?  Mostly today as far as I can tell, anyone who doesn't have id doesn't want ID because it's their intention to live "off the grid", which is fine, I believe people should be able to live their life how they wish, but in order to participate on the grid, I think it's reasonable to follow some basic rules, one of which is being able to verify who you say you are.

It's interesting if you take a look at at the map put together by the NCSL, and then look at a Red/Blue map of the nation.  It's eerily similar, I wonder why that is?  




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  1. Could you help me understanding, why
    - University ID's are accepted for faculty, but not for students for voting in Tenesee?
    - Out of state drivers licences can be used for almost anything but voting in Philadelphia?

    So could it be that it is not about having an ID, but about making it difficult to several groups of citizens to obtain such an ID?

    If it is about voter fraud - could you explain what they did to prevent fraud in absentee voting, where most fraud happened previously?