Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Republicans just as corupt as the Democrats

I am an elected Republican Precinct Committeeman who is mad as hell at the Republican Party.  2012 the Year a Candidate with strong grass roots support was snuffed out by the establishment so another wealthy elitist can have the nomination.  Not only was the Illinois state Republican Convention a completely staged event in which no Delegates were allowed to share any input at all, but now the RNC is using every trick in the book and even a few they invented to keep Ron Paul out of the mix in Tampa, FL later this month.  In Several states, GOP establishment insiders who control the party have been doing everything they can to keep Ron Paul Delegates out of the process.  Louisiana and Oregon are even attempting to replace anyone who openly supports Ron Paul from participating in the process.  Now in Maine were 21 of the 24 unpledged delegates openly support Ron Paul are having their credentials challenged by the Mitt Romney Campaign state coordinator.  This challenge would bar the entire delegation of 40 delegates from attending the RNC later this month.  The Delegation was given a compromise to consider, which would essentially force them to support Mitt Romney but the entire group voted unanimously to reject the compromise.  Why is the RNC burning precious resources on this if Mitt Romney is the Nominee?  Because by the RNC’s own rules a candidate needs only have a plurality of delegates from 5 states and with Maine, Louisiana and Oregon Ron Paul has 7. 

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