Friday, August 31, 2012


The below is a summary from all the reported accounts from the Tampa Convention..   


Below is a list of tactics implemented by the RNC to censor and prevent a nomination of Ron Paul (feel free to add to the list):

1. Illegally removed duly elected Maine delegates and replaced them with Romney “scab” delegates.

2. Stole delegates from Louisiana, Oklahoma and Massachusetts because they would not vote Romney.

3. Indefinitely detained Ron Paul delegates on buses using armed guards to delay and prevent them from voting on rules in the convention.

4. Indefinitely detained Morton Blackwell on a bus preventing him from filing a minority report opposing new oppressive rule changes.

5. Drove Virginia rules committee chairmen in circles around the convention center to prevent them from voting on rules thus allowing the RNC to vote in their stead.

6. Refused to acknowledge nomination papers from six states where a five state minimum was required

7. Changed rules on the spot from five state minimum to eight state minimum when they realized Ron Paul would be nominated

8. Denied Ron Paul a floor speech prior to the vote unless it endorsed Romney.

9. Declared unbound Ron Paul supporters as bound votes for Romney

10. Boehner ignored clear opposition to the rules vote that would prevent a Maine delegation from being seated.

11. Turned off microphones in the Ron Paul delegate section to prevent “division” or “point of order” calls from being heard even after 10 minutes of booing in protest.

12. Seated Ron Paul delegates in the nose bleed section to prevent them from being heard BEHIND territory delegates.

13. Passed rules allowing the RNC committee to choose and approve delegates rather than the states.

14. Refused video equipment in the convention center to allow undocumented cheating.

15. Ron Paul delegates were not allowed to bring signs, but Romney supporters were.

16. Cut off microphones anytime delegates cheered for Ron Paul

17. Called out votes for Romney as Romney votes, but called out Ron Paul as “other”.

18. When Ron Paul won the majority of delegates in Iowa ,Nevada and Minnesota, they only called out the few minority votes for Romney.

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