Saturday, April 17, 2010

Anti-Tea Party Groups Don't Get It

Recently some have gotten jealous of all the attention those of us in the Tea Party movement have received in the media. Those folks went out and started their own party, the Coffee Party. Another group called "The other 95%" has also sprouted up in recent time. These groups appear to have one agenda and only one agenda. To present an alternative view to the Tea Party, thereby making it appear that most of the country is not really in support of the Tea Party movement. Those in the Coffee Party seem to be doing this under the guise of friendship and working together.

Another odor that seems to emanate from these groups is the stench of wealth envy. Class Warfare does not seem to be of concern to these people, they seem to have an attitude that if they aren't going to get an inheritance when mom dies, no one should. They are OK with and some are even happy that 2011 will see a return of Pre-Bush estate taxes as high as 50% thanks to President Obama. They are cheerleading for the Obama tax cuts BECAUSE, the RICH aren't getting them. They want you to be happy because you have an extra few dollars in you paycheck, and are now able to get a basket full of tax credits, thanks to the infinite wisdom of "The Stimulus Bill".

The fact these "Tax Credits" are being added directly to the national debt is of no concern to them what so ever. Some have actually begun to believe the hype, deciding to buy into this idea that the stimulus bill has actually saved jobs, and not only prolonged the period of decline so the losses can be suffered sometime down the road. Is a job really saved because it has funding for another year or two, even if there is no plan on how to correct the shortfall in the first place?

Consider the fictional saying, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. These groups actually want us to believe that, they also want us to believe that making the rich more poor will make the poor more rich. Does that make any sense? It may make sense only if you actually believe in Socialistic Redistribution of Wealth. Main problem with that is the poor aren't going to be able to buy much with that money once it runs out, and our economy and our jobs will be the ones to truly suffer.



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