Sunday, April 4, 2010

Constitutional Amendment needed to protect the children!

Does anyone else have a problem with the idea that a 26 year old is still a kid?

Aside from all the other issues with the the Health Care Legislation recently signed into law, one in particular creates a real quarrel with conventional thinking. The thought that a 26 year old is now considered a dependent. If the legislation would have called for coverage up to one year after completion of a post-secondary education it may have made more sense, but to put an age on it means that the Congress is now deciding for us how old a person may be while still retaining dependent status. This of course also means that they are leaving the door open to modify that number in the future.

This raises a question about Article 1 section 2 of the United State Constitution. This is the section that spells out the age and citizenship requirements to be a Representative in the House. If a 26 year old in now legally a dependent, do we need to raise the age one qualifies to be a Congressman? Should we also then raise the age for Senators and the President as well? This seems to be a valid question in my opinion. It seems nonsensical to me that a child be allowed to run for public office in the Federal Government.

We could go even further. We currently have child labor laws that dictate what and where a child may be employed. These of course are in place to protect our children from being subjected to harsh and unsafe environments. Without these regulations our children might still be subject to injury while working in factories and lose their rights to a safe and structured childhood. With this in mind should we not extend these same rights to everyone up to the age of 26?

Just something to think about.



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