Thursday, April 29, 2010

Arizona Immigration Reform

Violence broke out and there wasn't a Tea Party person in sight, oh no!  It must be a lie.  Arizona's law hasn't even gone into effect yet but people have already been rioting in the streets.  Some of these people actually got into physical altercations which required police intervention.  At least two arrests were made during a protest where bottles had been thrown at Police.  None of the violence or arrests were covered by the mainstream media.

The only place that covered any of the outbursts and fights were talk radio hosts and Fox News.  Everywhere else you look you see coverage of protests but nothing about the violence.  Why is it that when Liberal Policy supporters protest, people often get violent and end up in jail yet when Conservative Policy supporters protest there are rarely an real issues.  Then this seems to have no effect on whether or not the media cover the events.  It's almost like the media supports one side but not the other.  hhhmmm.

The Governor of Arizona Jan Brewer has been attacked by our President and by many others on how misguided these actions have been.  The law has been misrepresented and some like Al Sharpton have spoken out saying, "this is not a fight between minorities this is a fight for justice and fairness for everyone".  He went further suggesting that they might send protesters to Arizona to challenge the system.    

Many claim that this Arizona law will lead to minorities being unjustly treated while simply being racially profiled.  Jan Brewer has ensured that no racial profiling will be tolerated.  She also urged the U.S. Government to take the lead on this issue, but admitted that this might never happen.  The Arizona law is set to go into effect this summer and will only allow Police to ask questions about their citizenship status after they have probable cause of some other crime, they cannot assume a person might be illegal as probably cause.

Will this law solve all the problems with illegal immigration?  Probably not, but it's a start and a step in the right direction.  I live in Illinois so I can't speak on the issues of having illegal sneaking through our borders but I can say the even hundreds of miles from the border plenty are getting through, I can only imagine how much worse it must be in the cities and towns right on the border. 

Worse still, Glenn Beck warned yesterday that all the fuss with Immigration might only be yet another smoke screen to help cover more pressing legislation the administration and Congress is in the process of unveiling.  We all need to keep eyes and ears open.  Let's see what this new Chicago "CCX" plan is all about.



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