Friday, April 23, 2010

In the current battle, what side are you on?

I apologize in advance for sounding so dramatic.

There is a battle going on right now, not in the middle east but right here on U.S. soil. This battle has been brewing for a while actually, but shots have finally been fired and the battle is joined. These are figurative shots of course, don't want to give any my fellow Militia Men any ideas, but shots non the less. Our Great Nation is in a terrible state, we're in debt and a once powerful economy is battered beyond belief.

This battle is between two sides, those who want to blame the rich and those who want to blame the poor. Our Leaders rather than jumping to the rescue are pointing fingers at one another. Some want to punish the rich and others want to cutback which would only impact those in need. These actions only stoke the flames of war.

Meanwhile the Tea Partiers are being singled out as racist and potentially violent. All the while no one notices that the Tea Party is giving us a third option. Is it really Wall Street's responsibility? Can we really blame the Welfare State? Or, should we blame the folks who wrote the rules and created the system in the first place?

I have come to the realization that the Government is the problem. Ronald Reagan came to this very same conclusion over 20 years ago.

Since Reagan left office, those in Washington have gone back to business as usual and look where we are now. Saddled with debt and looking down the barrel of a tax gun, the likes of which we have never seen before on this land. As I write this those in Washington who swear their goal is not to turn the U.S. into a socialist, European like nation are proposing a VAT tax that will likely raise the cost of common consumer items up to 30%. This is happening while the current administration is accepting no responsibility placing blame for the financial meltdown squarely on Wall Street.

This is classic misdirection, "pay no attention to what we're doing, the real villain is over there the one holding the bag of money, pay no attention to the bags of money sticking out of my pockets. I'm using this money to help better society because I know much better than you do how to improve your life." Is this why we vote in elections every few years?

This war is being fought by each and every one of us, there are causalities every day even if no news organization is reporting on the deaths without first picking a side which to place blame. The question is which side are you on? Are you fighting for freedom or are you waiting for the chips to fall where they may so you might be allowed to pick up some scraps when everything is said and done.

Pick a side and fight, but don't fight unless you fight to win.

Not Racist
Not Violent
No Longer Silent



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