Saturday, April 24, 2010

Social Democrats Democracy and Democratic Socialism

We need to stop being quiet. We need to tell everyone who will listen that Socialists are not supporting American ideals. They want to CHANGE America. The real question is, what does a Socialist or a Social Democrat want to Change America into?

Social Democrats USA
Wikipedia on Social Democracy
Wikipedia on Democratic Socialism

Some self-identified democratic socialists oppose the concept of social democracy, seeing it as capitalist. Others claim to accept Free Market principles but reject the idea that some industries such as the Health Care Industry should not be allowed to make a profit. They can't even agree on whether or not Capitalism/Free Market principles are a good idea.

The next time you hear someone say I'm a Social (Blank) you better ask them to explain themselves.

Not Racist
Not Violent
No Longer Silent



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  1. You have an error in the link to our site. It is: Here is a link to the Wikipedia page: By the way Ronald Reagan had more card carrying socialists on his staff than any other president. If you want to know what I think, please ask.

    Gabriel McCloskey-Ross, director Social Democrats. USA--Socialist Party, USA; the social democratic and labor party within the Democratic Party