Saturday, June 5, 2010

Jobs or No Jobs, which is better?

431,000 new jobs just reported.  President Obama has said this is a positive sign that our economy is getting stronger even while he admits that many of those jobs were Census jobs.  Yes, Census workers, temporary once every 10 years, Census jobs.  The very same jobs that most people are doing on the side and in addition to whatever they normally do for a living.  The very same jobs that we keep hearing are being over exaggerated at every opportunity.  In fact not just many of these jobs, but 95% of the 431,000 jobs are Public Sector jobs.

Even more disturbing the current report also shows all the construction jobs from new construction that we picked in April were lost in May.  So now the Construction industry is worse off than it was before, during the time of year they usually are ramped up and in full swing.  With this information at hand, 431,000 temporary government jobs and an unemployment rate of 9.7% is supposed to blow up our skirts and make us think the economy is getting stronger.  Really?
This begs to ask the question, does the average person realize public sector jobs are paid via tax dollars?  Does the average American realize that with our current debt, every new job within the government can only add up to one thing?  Which is? Higher Taxes of course.  Every single person working for the government is only costing the country more each and every day.  Now I'm not suggested that we eliminate ALL of these jobs, obviously we need public workers to keep things working.  But do we need to keep hiring temps to help count the people?

At this point our nation would be better off if they hired no new Government workers at all even if it means higher unemployment.  Of course Obama can't allow that to happen because then he can't continue making the claims of a successful stimulus plan and a growing economy.  What are they going to do in June, higher even more census workers?  How many people are going to list Census Worker as their primary occupation on their 2010 income tax returns?



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