Tuesday, June 29, 2010

What's bad for the U.S is good for Petrobras!

George Sorros owns a sizable stake in this Brazilian Oil company and the U.S gave them 2 Billion dollars to help them with their deep water drilling project. This is a $133 Billion company? Why did we give them 2 billion dollars? Why is the same administration who claims the danger of drilling at 5000 feet giving money to a company which plans to drill at 15000 feet. Does this make any sense to anyone?

Our President ran a campaign vowing transparency and an end to politics as usual. It seems at face value what we really have is more politics as usual with the heavily connected getting what they want and the politicians getting rich in return while pointing the finger at the usual suspects, big business and big corporations as the bad guy. Never mind the fact Petrobras is also a giant corporation because Petrobras is after all a nationalized company.

If this make you as angry as it makes me it's really about time you get motivated to put an end to this kind of political corruption. Join me in the hunt for new political blood that will get our nation back on the road to freedom and prosperity. We can not end this financial crisis by continuing to spend money, the Government must have it's credit cards taken away. Most of the current leaders need to be replaced with leaders who respect and will defend the constitution of the United States of America, to the death if necessary.



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