Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What is going on?

I came up with the name "Is this really still our Country" when I found myself asking more and more questions about what is going on in the United States of America. For years I've had ideas that there were people behinds the scenes doing things just outside the view of most Americans. I didn't know what those things were or were to look and I was very careful about who I spoke to about this as I didn't want to label myself one of those foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists. Over the last couple years it has been more clear thanks to some of our brave Conservative and Libertarian friends in the media who have gone against the grain to bring more of this out into the open.

Glenn Beck for instance may not be everyone's favorite person in the world (He does hate soccer after all), but he does a service that no one else will do. He goes front and center ever day and puts information out there many would rather us not have access to. He paints a bright red circle around connections and relationships that many would like to keep quiet or even secret. I must admit I really had no idea who Glenn Beck was before he came to Fox. My father in law pointed him out to me and suggested I watch his show. I didn't jump right on because I thought his commercials were kinda corny but one day I was bored and decided to take the plunge. He was wearing a Russian hat and calling his guests comrades, it was great, I was hooked.

It's been a scary road to follow since that day. My DVR never misses an episode. I now must deal with people telling me I'm crazy or stupid for putting any confidence in him. The thing is, he's proving what I've already believed for years. The connections aren't even really hidden, they are right below the surface, if you know where to dig, you find them, right there, staring back at you.

Now we have a President who actually believes he can stop an entire industry just because he believes it's unsafe. Fortunately we have a brave Federal Judge who probably has ended his career to stand up against this nonsense. Senator Lieberman a former Libertarian has sponsored a bill that would give the Feds a way to sensor or even shut down the Internet. This coming from one of the very same people who spoke out against the Patriot Act. I can't help but wonder if I fell asleep and am still inside some dream where 2 +2 = 5.



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