Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Oil leak means no one is happy

I've been trying to put my finger on the reason why it seems no one is happy about the BP/Government response over this oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico.  I think I've finally hit it.  All the environmental Wack-jobs are pissed at BP and at Obama for not doing more.  BP is pissed at the Federal Government for making the cleanup so much more difficulty and complicated than it needs to be.  Then you've got all the people crying about those effected by the leak.  For a while I didn't get it.  Who's effected I thought?  A few fishermen maybe???  Than I realized the impact this would have on tourism in General and how much money local business were losing since people are not traveling to the coast.

Why is it that a faster more substantive response has not been made for those local businesses who are now affected.  I think I have the answer.  Think about this.  Big Business is bad, right?  Little Business is not as bad as Big Business but it is it's little brother.  The Environmental Wack-jobs don't like them much either.  So what we have here is one great big circle jerk.  Government can't do enough to make it right for the Green Lefties, so they point a finger at the big bad wolf (BP), while demanding they take care of the claims.  But they can't get too involved in that process because they cannot risk coming off as being very pro-business.

Why has the government allowed this disaster to take so long?  Why is it that it seems the whole process is moving at a snails pace?  There are NO acceptable victims!  Nobody especially no one of color is standing on the roof requiring rescue.  All the people who need the most help are the Greedy Rich Business Owners, and no one wants to help them.  It's not good for press.  Just wait a few more weeks.  If BP doesn't find a way to stop this oil before the relief well is ready, we're going to see Obama swoop in with some major plan to save the day, showing he has what it takes to kick BP's ass.   



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  1. i hear you there! but my only one concern is.. why is B.P hiding valuable info? they have lied through there teeth.. n won`t come clean on anything.. i believe they can stop this.. they just dont want to pay the money it takes to do it.. so while this is still leaking more money is going to be coming out of there pockets.. its just a big mess.. that they dont wanna take blame for! just like any major company.. when something goes wrong they clam up.. and dont wanna take blame for it.. they just wanna point fingers at each other

  2. I can't believe that they have an answer and are not using it. You see how much oil is leaking? that's their cash flow. Imagine your wallet is spewing cash. Is the solution really more expensive than allowing it to spew? You see how many techniques they have already tested. Those aren't cheap.