Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Obama just can't get it right

Our President has done so much to make us question his true intentions that even when he does something seemingly good it leaves room to question his genuine motive.  He announced his intention to come up with a way to make congress vote on measures to cut spending.  This is supposed to make it possible for he and future Executives to reduce ear marks and pork but is it?  Or is this really just another ploy?

President Obama is the first President to have his V.P. lay the wreath in the National Cemetery on the tomb of the unknown soldier while still actually in the United States.  G.W Bush of course was in France in 2002 on official meetings.  Obama did this so he could go home for the Holiday.  This upset a lot of people so to make up for it he planned another ceremony at the cemetery in Elwood, IL.  At first glance this seemed like an acceptable solution, but then he cut it short due to rain.  Our troops deal with rain, snow, sleet, heat and hell in order to protect freedom but our President canceled his speech and suggested the crowd take cover in their cars from the on coming storm.  Appropriate?

Now this one is good, President Obama has literally tried every trick in the book with this BP oil spill.  Now don't get me wrong, I'm not blaming him in any way, even though I don't like the way he pointed his finger so soon and so adamantly at BP from the very beginning.  I'm not suggesting that there is anything he has done wrong yet,   The man is surrounded by yes men and he's got his media buddies and hard core liberal base salivating at the chance to stick it to BP.  The only problem is, BP is actually trying everything they can think of to fix the leak.

Now we've got a Washington Post Columnist writing a story suggesting that Obama's response is race related while Howard Fineman of says, "The politics of the disaster are Cajun hot, but Obama is cerebral cool".  Ok, I'm not even sure what that means or refers to but it's funny non the less.  I guess it's cerebral to point fingers while having no other ideas that might solve the problem at hand.  I'm going to make a prediction here.  Our president is going to allow BP to continue this until about August if BP still has not figured out how to stop the oil until there relief rig is ready Obama is going to swoop in and take it away from BP, just to show the world that he is taking charge, FOUR months later, when BP's rig is about to show up ready for installation.  I hope I'm wrong, but let's see.

Now Obama is going to visit with Jan Brewer of Arizona. I can't wait to see where this goes, more sure to come.



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