Saturday, October 16, 2010

9-11 Truth (Why I liken 9-11 to Christmas)

If I'm not already archived at one of our fine Fusion centers this post will certainly get me there.

OK, here is a topic that I find myself seriously conflicted on.
The theory that 9-11 was an inside job.

Last month I went through my Facebook friends and removed anyone who was flying that black 9-11 inside job flag. I did this because I have always believed that this theory was ignorant and ridiculous. I am not generally a hard core conspiracy theorist, but some would disagree with me on that. I am however the last person who would say that we can trust our government. I know, I know, I can't trust the government, but I'm willing to dismiss that our wise overlords would do such a thing as fake a terrorist attack.

(who knows where thoughts come from, they just appear)

I liken this to the child who first comes to the realization that Santa Claus is not a real person, but a myth or legend. They have become intelligent enough to know that a fat man who fly's around on a sleigh powered my magical reindeer is probably not real, but with this intelligence comes the nagging fear, that they may be wrong.... What happens to Christmas with no Santa? Will there still be toys on Christmas morning? Will there still be family fun or Mid-night mass?

( I apologize in advance to those of you who do not believe in Christmas or Santa i.e Jews, Muslims and people who dismiss any thing remotely pagan in nature)

There is no question that I believe our government has grown out of control. But to believe that those in Washington had anything at all to do with the events on September 11th is too much for me to handle, allow me to explain. There were simply too many incidents to believe that if it were an inside job, only a few people could have been involved. Many people would have needed to be in on this massive project. People from all levels of the Federal Government. Consider the issues on their agenda.

  • Conspire to allow an attack to happen on U.S. Soil, which would ultimately end the lives of hundreds to thousands or people.
  • They would be directing the destruction of Jet Liners and giant buildings
  • They would be allowing an attack on the Pentagon, the heart of our national defense.
  • If the buildings were brought down by explosive means, people would have needed to place how much explosive? You don't actually believe GW and Dick went to the World trade center and installed c4 themselves do you? think about this, the regular Joe's, involved in this. They would be setting explosives that would destroy and kill an unknown number of people.

The people involved with this would be on the same level as Hitler, Stalin and Mao. If our Government has reached this level of corruption, is there an end in sight? Does November 2nd mean anything? If they can plan 9-11 what makes us think our elections are even remotely honest anymore? Is there a way to take back our country without an armed uprising?

If they planned 9-11, what makes you think that Barack Obama was nothing short of the hand picked leader to take over the N.W.O?

If they planned 9-11, what makes you think that a single election in this country means anything?

If they planned 9-11, what makes anyone believe that our Republic can still be rescued?

If they planned 9-11, we might as well load our rifles and storm Washington. Is there any other way?

Really, is there?

This is why I must go to bed at night and hope and pray even, that Santa Claus still exists.



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