Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Meghan McCain is a Nut Job

Meghan McCain is a Nut Job!

Meghan recently said the same thing of Delaware Senatorial Hopeful Christine O'Donnell. Meghan thinks O'Donnell turns away women like her, women of her generation. Women who have tattoos and love punk rock music while saving the environment over human life. Meghan also thinks that she turns people off because she has no record and no business accomplishments. I don't think Christine O'Donnell is too worried about those women Meghan. Not everyone has a father who's been in Congress for 27 years and a mother who is a beer tycoon. I think America is ready for a few common people to enter the Senate. People who have financial problems and understand what it's like to be broke. So don't worry your pretty little head Meghan, go pop the top off a cold Bud Light and save a few trees why don't you.



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  1. Defending Christine O'Donnell? WOW! That is how I measure a blind drone Mike. I thought you would be different,but I guess not.