Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Tennessee Home fire "TEA Party America"???

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When I first heard about the story of a Tennessee home burning down because they hadn't paid the $75 fee I thought for sure there must more to the story. I didn't bother looking into it until last night when I heard that the nimrod a.k.a Keith Olberman actually connected the event to the tea party. He said, "that this is what a tea party America will look like". Keith Olberman is actually suggesting that if you believe in TEA party principles you some how believe that a fire department should allow a home to burn down simply because a fee was not paid.

Now whether or not you believe in privatized public services or not I think you can agree that no one should allow a home to burn when you have the means to fight it. Like I assumed early on there is more to the story, the people who lived in this area previously did not have fire department service at all but the city fire department would provide service outside city limits for the 75 dollar fee. Again whether or not you believe in this system is a moot point. The real issues here are whether or not you believe that fire fighters with hoses should watch a home burn and whether or not this has any connection at all to the TEA party movement.

Is this a tragedy, absolutely but it's not a TEA Party tragedy.

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