Saturday, October 23, 2010

Is it racist to think drug dealing is more popular than College?

GOP leaders call on Al Reynolds to end campaign

Many people are calling for Al Reynolds to step down from the Dist 52 IL Senate Race because they claim his comments were racist. Al Reynolds was simply pointing out that our society has glamorized illegal actives and the Drug Dealing lifestyle more so than working hard to obtain a good education. He could have been more articulate in this message but that is what comes along with being un-seasoned politician who is more a man of the people than a paid public orator.

Does this make Al Reynolds a racist? Where Would Al have gotten this idea?

Just listen to Clipse's "I'm not you"

an authentic portrayal of dealing blow.

"I keep the Ziploc bustin at the stitches"
"From the panel to the dash, its four pounds of slab"
"Rappers is talking to me as if we in the same boat,
I tell them quick no I move Coke."

But surely this is not the norm right? I mean we need to look very hard to find any other sources of such glamorization in the drug trade. Actually you need not look very far at all. Below are only a few examples I found after looking for less than 5 minutes. I did however spend 20 minutes looking for chart topping rap music whose topic was about getting good grades and going to college. I couldn't find one.

Jadakiss & styles p - dope money

Biggie - 10 crack commandments

Cassidy - ima hustler

So is it only Al Reynolds who feels like the glamorization of this lifestyle is at the root of the problem. Actually No. Here are just a few articles that delve into the idea that this style and culture only perpetuates the problem.

How Hip-Hop Holds Blacks Back

Rap music is keeping the black community in poverty

The impact of Rap music on young black Americans

Angry black women take aim at rappers

I think it's clear that Al Reynolds is not the first person to talk about this issue. He may only be the first one brave enough to do it in Champaign or Vermilion County.



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  1. Wowwwwwwwww. Thank you for saying exactly what Al
    needs to say. So much truth in what you say.

  2. It's just music (I say that loosely in a lot of cases). That's like saying banging your head is more popular than going to college, then referencing a bunch of metallica's stupid.