Friday, October 22, 2010

NPR does it again "Juan Williams fired!"

Juan Williams fired!!!

Many of you know I have a love hate relationship with NPR, but now they have gone and done it. Firing Juan Williams is just one more example that NPR has no interest in honest reporting of news but rather the force feeding of an agenda. If Juan Williams cannot share his views without fear of being fired who can? Juan Williams is far from a right wing conservative drone. He's a man who has written several books and been on the air a long time. There is plenty of evidence to show Juan Williams is not a black racist, he's not a staunch conservative talking head or person who allows his views to be swayed but an American who shares his opinion on the issues of he day. Sometimes you agree with him others you might not, but you always get the sense of the place he's coming from.

If Juan Williams isn't safe, who is?



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  1. Maybe revenues are down and they needed to down size. Who cares anyways. The US is a work and hire at will country. They can fire anyone, for anything, at anytime. If I told my boss that I won't work on any more Muslim patients, he guessed it: Fire me. I'm not saying I totally agree with his comment, or the quick firing, but it is completely within their rights.