Saturday, January 29, 2011

Egypt Riots could lead to less freedom

Thousands of people in the streets of Egypt send a powerful message to the world indeed. One thing is clear, the good people of Egypt want more freedom. The way these people are going about it however might not be in their best interest. After watching closely all the reports and analysis on these events over the last few days I am left with the feeling that many do not fully understand what is really going on over there. I'm not suggesting that I personally understand all the dynamics myself, I'm just pointing out that there is little or no consensus on the matter.
In fact I'll admit that my knowledge on Egyptian history is limited, but I do know people who have traveled all over the middle east as well and claim that Egypt was stable and safe in comparison.

Sometime it's better to deal with the Devil you know.

President Mubarak hardly a true democratic leader with 30 years of rule under his belt might not be what I as an American look up to as role model but I can envision a much worse situation for the country of Egypt. If he is removed by force who will take control? Will the people of Egypt be able to secure freedom in their own country and form a real system of self governance free from Sharia Law? Or will it be like the overthrow of the Shaw in Iran; if the Muslim Brotherhood is able to gain control will the Egyptian people find themselves less free. Right now there are far more questions than answers.



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