Monday, March 7, 2011

Illinois legislation on Sex and Guns

Here are two upcoming pieces of legislation you should be be aware of.

First, The AP has filed a FOIA request to obtain all the names of FOID holders in the state of Illinois. This means the Press (The Liberal Media) wants to know the name of every single gun owner in the state of IL. Once they have this, they would be able to publish at will any or all of this information. The IL State police police are currently fighting this, but Lisa Madigan has issued an order to release the information.

IL House Bill 7 will attempt to prevent this action. Below are links to stories about the legislation as well as a link to the actual piece of legislation itself.

The Story

The Legislation

Next, the State of Illinois wants your children to only have access to the liberal version of sex education which includes Condom training in Grade School. This is not a recommendation, this legislation would make it illegal for any public school teacher to use material not allowed by the State. This would of course limit all childrens access to abstinence programs.

IFI Story

The Legislation

I urge you to call you State Senators and Representatives on these.



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