Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Present Day America if Colonial America was like Present Day.

What would present day America be like if colonial America was like Present Day America? This is something I've found myself thinking about more and more lately. It almost seems like people today are more concerned with everything else than their own freedom. They act as if freedom is a given, not something requiring a fight or even taking a stand. What would our life be like if the founding fathers felt this way back in the 1700's?

So George Whitfield realizes that many people feel dead inside. Some folks get together and suggest George should use his connection with the people of the colonies to speak out. George decides this would not be politically correct. The Church of England would not like him speaking out against them and besides some people might get uncomfortable if he were to speak about religion publicly, especially if he were to mix in any politics. George instead decides to keep his feeling to himself in stead of stirring anything up.

Samuel Adams decides not get involved in the Revolution for Liberty because the King in order to silence him, has already used his power to destroy the Adams homestead. Tyranny is everywhere but Adams decides it's not worth the cost, he has already suffered incredible personal expense and loss, so he submits to those in power and promises never to speak out again.

Benjamin Franklin is awfully busy working on many inventions. Several Colonist attempt to persuade Franklin to get involved. He instead decides that he must focus on his career right now, he doesn't have time to fight against a tyranny that is starring him in the face. He believes things cannot get that bad, someone else will certainly right the ship sooner or later.

Robert Morris had several huge business projects he was working on, so he could not withstand the interruption to his projects that a war would certainly bring. Also, he was concerned what his fellow consumers might think of him if he were to get involved with all that nonsense against the King of England, that might be bad for business. George Washington could not leave his farm unattended for too long so leading an Army was obviously out of the question.

What do you think America would be like today?



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