Monday, March 7, 2011

Jesse Jackson Jr. explains how to fix the U.S. Constitution with Broken Windows

This is the soundbite I've been waiting for.

I've been arguing against Obamacare with every leftist who dares to try and convince me for over a year now. Each time I raise the same point. Why is it that the Government should provide a service, why is it that Health Care is all of sudden a right, why stop there, why stop with Health Care? Shouldn't we all be entitled to a home and a car, maybe a computer with high speed internet access. Usually these leftist are too intelligent to agree with me. They quickly back away. "No, No, that's not the same thing", they say. "Health Care is different.", they say. "Health Care is a right everyone should have health care", they say.

At this point I usually ask why is it different, if health care is right now how long will it be until a car is right, a home, a computer? There is never a good answer to this question. Well now there is a good answer, the answer is NOW. Here we have Jesse Jackson Jr. on the floor of the House, calling for a change to the United States Constitution as the only solution to our nations problems. The change he suggests we need to make of course is Broken Windows.

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