Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The truth on Obama Care

So the Politico has an article today that points out the cost disparity between the fine for not purchasing Health Insurance versus the cost of purchasing an actual Health Insurance plan. The article actually points this out like they are the first one to discover this flaw, never mind all of us who were screaming this at the top of our lungs before they passed it last year. I guess it turns out we actually knew what we were talking about after all.

Sarah Palin was ruthlessly attacked for her use of the term "Death Panels". This was crazy nonsense right? Then we learned about the "End of Life" counseling that the legislation calls for and people were outraged. So they removed it, right? Now, we learn the same stipulation has been added back in during the regulation phase. Should we be surprised? How about all of us who spoke out about rationing? The Washington Post recently reported that Young People will get the best organs.

The number of companies so far given an exemption is now over 900!!!

One last point to consider. The FDA has recommended that breast cancer use be removed from the cancer drug Avastin. This drug has shown serious results to some late term breast cancer patients. Many doctors, medical associations as well as the Susan G. Koman for the cure organization all still support the use of this drug but the FDA has pulled it's support. Why? The answer whether they will admit it or not, is Cost. If the FDA will not allow you to have access to a drug before the full implementation of Obamacare, do you think you'll have access to life extending drugs after it's full implementation?

This Giant piece of legislation known as Obama Care is not about Health Care, it's about implementing a system. If it's not obvious to you by now it may never be.



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