Monday, March 28, 2011

TRUTH has no agenda? or does it?

On Friday 3-25-2011 Glenn Beck featured the book "The creature from Jekyll island" on the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank (The FED) How is it that a whole show could be devoted to the FED and not even mention Ron Paul? How is it that you make reference to a Congressman trying to see the gold in fort Knox, but you never actually use the name Ron Paul? Please bear in mind that I am not a anti-Glenn Beck loon. I have been a huge fan and supporter of Glenn for the last 2 years. I own many of his books, I went to D.C on 9-12, I created a 9-12 group which I lead, I went to 8-28, I've been to the Bold and Fresh tour and I defend Glenn all the time. In addition to defending Glenn, I have also begun defending Dr. Ron Paul because everywhere I look it seems he's the only one with the answers. I've become aware, as have many others withing the TEA Party movement of a growing rift between those of us who understand Ron Paul and those who do not. Many have brought to my attention that Glenn Beck once called out Ron Paul supporters as terrorists. I've gone back through much of his material and come to realize that he is not a Ron Paul fan, but he must be coming to the same conclusion Ron Paul has already been for some time.

It seems to me many like to point a finger at Dr. Paul and accuse him of being crazy, much like they claim Beck is crazy. They accuse him of being a 9-11 truther and being of the mindset that America deserved to be attacked, neither of which are true but rather misunderstood, much like many of the truths Beck brings out on a daily basis are misunderstood. He talks all the time about looking for the truth and belief in the Constitution. Glenn Beck is single handily responsible for awakening an untold number to the power and strength of the U.S. Constitution and the history of our republic yet he can not even give credit to the one man in Congress with an unmistakable track record on the very principals and values he often speaks of. How is this?

TRUTH has no agenda? or does it?

Of all the names being thrown around as possible presidential
candidates, the name often left out is the one name who seems to have
the right answer on everything from free market principles to
abortion. From War Powers and limited government to the FED. How is
this, when TRUTH has no agenda?



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