Sunday, May 8, 2011

Ron Paul keeps winning last Thursday's debate

Fox News is running multiple polls now trying to get one that does not show Dr. Ron Paul winning the Thursday debate. Ron Paul is winning or has won all 4 polls by between 20 and 70 points. Fox News does not want Ron Paul to be the favorite. You decide.

(Update 5-8-2011)
Fox has added a 5th poll. This goes out to the folks at Fox. When will you be satisfied that Ron Paul is the favorite from last Thursdays Debate???

(Update 5-9-2011)
Bill O'Reilly also had a poll postged on his site. His poll shows Ron Paul and Cain tied, hhmmmm? Since this one was kinda hidden and would only really be found by his hard core fans, those that go to his actual website, I guess this really only speaks about those folks who watch his TV show on a regular basis.

First Poll

Second Poll

Third Poll

Fourth Poll

Fifth poll

6th Poll

I really used to believe Frank Luntz was a good honest man. But after seeing his shame of a panel on Fox News immediately following the debate, I don't know what to think.



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  1. Frank Luntz is part of that elite that manipulates average citizens. I never thought he was a good honest man. Fox News is not as conservative as some might think. Actually they are not conservative at all. I'm glad people from the right and left are starting to see Neo-Con/Liberal Intelligentsia agenda that has been controlling us for decades.