Sunday, May 29, 2011

The SCOTUS sides with Arizona on ICRA

On Thursday Arizona won a  huge victory against the Obama administration when the Supreme Court decided 5-3-1 on the Immigration and Control Reform Act. This will help with its ongoing efforts to do something about the illegal aliens who reside in the state and cost Arizona taxpayers millions each year.  The IRCA makes it illegal to knowingly hire or recruit an alien who is unauthorized to work in the United States.  This of course also disproves the ignorant claims of liberals and those on the left who claim that the conservative justices on the Court are just the shills of corporate America.

The Courts decision  also made clear there is no credence to the claims that employers will err on the side of discriminating against potential employees rather than risk the business death penalty of losing their business license because they hired unauthorized workers. the Chief Justice pointed out, there is no sanction against employers for merely hiring unauthorized workers. The sanctions are only triggered if an employer hires such a worker intentionally, knowing that they are not authorized to be employed.

Now we must wait and see how this decision actually effects the issues in our southern states.



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  1. Unfortunately it won't be coming to Illinois anytime soon.