Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What does the GOP really think of the TEA Party?

The following was posted briefly on Kinda makes you wonder what the GOP really thinks about the TEA Party movement.

by Peter Bella

The Kool Aid PARTY

Maybe they should form their own real political party. Instead of being just another Internet marketing sensation and pretend political party.

The TPers are furious at House Speaker John Boehner’s realistic assertions that it may take 20 years, or longer, to balance the federal budget and that the debt limit has to be raised.

This is reality. Reality is not pretty. It is not agreeable. It is what it is. There are some things you just cannot change, or worse, change too fast. The politics of policy is negotiation and compromise. It is not always palatable.

The TPers believe they can wave a magic wand, recite some Constitutional voodoo, throw an Alinksy charm, and America’s problems will be solved. Problems that were seventy years in the making.

The TPers are true believers. They are fanatics. Like other true believer movements of the past, they only seek people who think alike. As Patton said, “If everyone is thinking alike, no one is thinking”.

The TPers live a a delusional world of abstract theory and philosophical Utopia. They should change their name to the Kool Aid Party. They are sounding more and more like they are drinking deep draughts. Draughts laced with cheap wine and LSD.

Governance and policy creation require compromise and negotiation. Good governance is not forged through abusive power politics. The kind of politics TPers were against before they were for.

It will take one or two decades to get our house in order. This is the reality. Shutting down the government or welshing on our debts will make the situation worse than nuclear. TPers want their strict narrow pure agenda pushed through. No compromise. No negotiation. “Our way or the highway. We won. They lost. Live with it.”

Sound familiar? Sound like Obama, Reid, Pelosi? The TPers are advocating same tyrannical and despotic power they criticized.

Gain some ground. Get some media. Get a rush on the power. Abuse it. Isn’t that what power is for?

They are practicing the politics of hypocrisy. They are the new hypocrites. They are no better than the Democratic party, their leadership, and the Administration. They are now preaching tyranny and despotism.

Bad policy, like the health care bill, comes from abuse of power. Bad policy is created by people like Pelosi, Obama, and Reid. Behind closed doors in the dead of night.

Governance is not an all or nothing proposition. Boehner, Cantor, and the rest know this. They want a win-win situation. Abuse of power is a losing proposition all the way around.

The TPers may be good at publicity stunts. They are amateurs in the world of real politics and policy. Just like most true believers.

"The Republican establishment suffers from a weird belief that somehow the Tea Party will fall in line because it is an adjunct of the Republican Party," he said. "But the Tea Party is not and never will be an arm of the Republican Party."

-Ned Ryun American Majority

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