Saturday, May 14, 2011

Thoughts on Ron Paul

I'm a Ron Paul person myself and frankly I'm worried that the TEA party is going to tear itself apart over Whether Ron Paul is the Thomas Jefferson of the 21st century or A douche bag. I understand many people don't understand him and would rather support some vanilla flavored central planner over him but that's not a reason to be rude with one another when we all just want to save our country. Many however do not share this point of view.

I understand Ron Paul did not start the movement that we generally think about when someone says the "TEA Party movement" but technically he did start it. He started the concept back in 2007 when most of the TEA Party people were still asleep. They dumped tea into the Boston harbor via a blimp and called it the new TEA Party. Two years later it caught on when that dude made a speech at the Chicago Board of trade and people started doing small flash rallies, the rest is history.

Some say the TEA Party values are not libertarian. Again, I must disagree. Less Taxes, Limited Government, and Fiscal Responsibility. Those are all pillars of libertarian philosophy. Add to that a deep respect for the U.S.Constitution and your half way to being a libertarian. No, being a libertarian is not a prerequisite but the movement appeals to people who believe in self responsibility. Nanny Staters need not apply. Folks who approve of socialism, even a little, do not generally participate in TEA Party activities. These are yet more traits you're likely to have in common with he likes of Ron Paul.

Sometimes it's hard to reconcile true libertarian philosophy with ones own conservative philosophy when one has spent so much time in their life being for or against something, like drug use or the war on terrorism. Liberty is Liberty, when you come to the realization that freedom is not just a piece of paper kept behind glass in DC, it's a whole concept one must embrace. The Government either has power over us or it does not, there are no half way paths to liberty. We are free or we are not. We can smoke a cigarette but not a joint, we can use Vicodin but not heroine, who gets to decide?

Is Ron Paul the leader of the TEA Party movement? Of course not, but he's been TEA Party before many of us ever thought we would be devoting our free time to saving this country. Do you want to vote for a man with a real record of integrity or someone who's been around for 5 minutes and flips every time the wind changes? A man married to his wife and devoted to his family, or someone who cheats and has affairs? Do you want someone who actually reads and understands the U.S. Constitution, who has actually fought to uphold it against the forces or both major parties, his own and the Democrat Party.

Sure I can understand why some might feel a little confused when he says that killing Osama wasn't necessary. but think about it, what did it get us? Gas is still above $4, TSA agents are still groping women and children, Obamacare is still here, inflation is still rampant, unemployment is still about 10%. Killing Osama gave us a great warm feeling for about 5 minutes but then what? Was it necessary? In the grand scheme of things probably not.



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