Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Are there any real Conservative or Libertarian Options in Illinois?

This just in, Representative Jesse Jackson Jr. is considering supporting Mark Kirk for IL Senate.  Mark Kirk is one of the guys who helped get the original Cap and Trade bill through the House last year.  Kirk, who is barely a Republican is certainly not a conservative by any stretch.  Now he may get support from one of Illinois's most popular and connected Democrats.  This begs the question, who does an Illinois Conservative or Libertarian vote for?  More importantly, will the vote actually count?

In my District (IL Senate District 52) there is Guy by the name of Al Reynolds running for the IL Senate who is a good option to upset the status Quo in IL by ousting Michael Friechs who basically votes on spending like a sailor on shore leave.  (No offense to you sailors out there)  Recently he received much fanfare for sponsoring his Taxpayer Transparency Act (SB 3622) and for supporting legislation to reform IL pensions.  The only problem, there was no real reform in the reform bill and no one understood or knew exactly what was in it (Big Surprise Right?).  J. Fred Giertz a professor of economics with the University of Illinois Institute of Government and Public Affairs wrote a great piece on this in CIB.

As for Governor, well there is Lex Green a man who I believe is about as Genuine as they come.  The classic problem while considering any Libertarian candidates however, can he win?  Both major parties have produced knuckleheads as usual, your typical vote for me, "Chicken in every pot" and "I'm not going to take your guns away" kind of guys who have no discernible backbone of any kind.  We had Adam Andrzejewski in the primary but he lost.  

There's a guy I'd love to see win, or rather he's running against someone I'd love to see lose.  His name is Joel Pollak he's running against the Socialist Jan Schakowsky in a heavily Democratic district.  I wish him luck he'll need it against the Union powered machine up there.  This is the classic problem in IL, it often comes down to the giant douche and the turd sandwich. :-)



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