Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Harry Ward came before Jim Wallis

Sometimes I think Glenn Beck is stealing my ideas for his show.  I swear I had been working on this since April when I first read about Harry Ward, then Glenn Beck goes and does a whole show on this topic before I have a chance to complete it.  Anyway, whether you believe me or not here is my little 2 cents on Harry Ward and the roots of "Social Justice".    

Harry F. Ward was on the forefront of Social Justice before anyone even knew who the Marxist Jim Wallis was.  Harry Ward a fellow traveler and professor at the Union Theological Seminary in New York City, actually compared the actions of the communists to those of Jesus.  He also wrote, "The Social Creed of the Churches", the most widely circulated expression of the Social Gospel which attempted to articulate the social ethics of Christianity.  Harry F. Ward was also believed to be involved with as many as 60 communist front organizations as a professor adding credence to the thought that communists were actively infiltrating the education system in this country.  

Some have been targeted for pointing out Jim Wallis's beliefs in Social Justice. By his own word he is a Marxist who admits to a belief  the bible teaches governmental redistribution of wealth.  This man was an outcast for decades but no matter how crazy he may be it is important that we do not allow his actions to overshadow the fact that Harry Ward came first in line.  Without Mr. Ward laying the ground work it would have been impossible for this Jim Wallis to operate.  

Now it is up to each and every one of us to consider whether we will allow the Government to infiltrate our churches once again in order to use the power of their influence over us.  Keep in mind a large portion of these people are godless to begin with.  Using the church and Jesus Christ as a pawn takes no skin off their back, it only serves as a vehicle for them to further push the Agenda of Progressivism. 

Whether or not you're Christian, Muslim or Jew these tactics should scare the heck out of of you.  They've been used before, like so many other tricks.  We need to understand our past in order to survive the future.  In order to see where we are going we first need to know where we are and where we came from.



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