Friday, May 14, 2010


Indoctrination is all about teaching kids while they are young, Hoping like hell it sticks. It doesn't matter if they understand the issues as long as they associate words like Obama, Liberal, Social Justice, equality, with good and Palin, morals, religion and patriotism as bad, they have done their job. You can go out on the street and ask people if Obama's Republican party is good for the nation and many people will agree, ask if Sarah Palins republican party is good, and many will boo bad, hiss.... 

They have allowed themselves to be programmed, Obama means good, Palin means bad. no matter if the rest of the question is completely inaccurate. Details don't matter, information is a distraction.

Behind the Indoctrination is teachers and behind the Teachers are Teachers Unions.  It should come as no surprise that Study after study has been been done, showing that unions and collective bargaining for teachers is a number one reason our education system is in the state it is.  Even Harvard University has tried to make this case, still nothing changes.  Teacher's unions, by the way, make over 95% of all campaign contributions to Democrats.

Here are a few studies and articles worth familiarizing yourself with.

A New Effort to Remove Bad Teachers


A Better Bargain:

Behind the Classroom Door

Beyond Better Wages, Benefits, and Conditions

It's hard to understand how, with so many intelligent people who see the problems with modern public school education, the system is allowed to continue unhindered.  I guess in the real world political donations really do pay dividends to others besides those on wallstreet.

There are teachers and then there are educators, all educators teach but not all teachers educate.  Some are only there for the benefits. 



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