Monday, May 10, 2010

United Tea Party Support Needed

I'm not just writing this for the benefit of the East Central IL TEA party but for all who consider themselves supporters of the Movement.   It has come to my attention that not enough emphasis is being put on  recognition of support.  It's great that we all get along on most issues and it's surely not a requirement that we agree on all issues, but all of us who have taken time out of our lives to attend a Tea Party Rally or even those of us who wanted to but could not, due to work or any other number of life's little requirements, really should be putting more effort to making own positions known.

It can be scary but it's also crucial.  As many of us who have supported this from the beginning have learned, the media and members of Congress will continue to use every tool at their disposal to discredit us and make us look like the enemy.  They will take every opportunity to make us all look like racist idiots.  This can only be combated effectively if we go out and show the world who we are.  We need a symbol, a badge of honor.  Something we can display to show our neighbors as well as complete strangers, "yes, I am the TEA PARTY"!

The Gadsden Flag has become a symbol of the Teas Party movement and would serve well as such a symbol but I'm open to any all ideas.  I know right now supporters are split into two camps, those who wish to form an official party structure and those of us who only want to represent a vehicle of Change either by way of influence or infiltration into the two major parties.  No matter which camp you're in we can and should continue to work together.  This could make our lives much easier if we had a way to notice each other as well as show those who are uninvolved that we exist and participate in all aspects of regular life.  We shop at the same Grocery Stores and we eat at the same restaurants.  Our kids go to same school and we work out at the same Gym.

This would show our communities that the Tea Party is not made up of closet Klan members who come out of hiding two or three times a year to hold a rally, then we go back into our secret bunkers were we plan our next KKK meeting.  This could also serve as a means to open conversation between like minding individuals and serve as a way for those who want to learn more to ask questions.  We need to make our selves accessible and be willing to stand up, ready to challenge and answer anything they throw at us.

Without such a symbol we're all standing alone and the rest of the world might as well believe all the B.S. from the MSM.  They might as well just go along thinking the whole Tea Party movement is made up of crazies who wear tin foil hats and believe the Government is being run by aliens. (If you happen to wear a tin foil hat and believe the Government is being run by aliens, please do not wear such a badge.  We appreciate your support but we don't need more targets.)  I know some people who really want to support the Movement but fear retaliation from employers or government leaders.  This should not deter us.  Already there is an assault on wearing or displaying the American Flag, we cannot allow those who wish to destroy liberty to be victorious.

Please join me in proudly displaying the Gadsden Flag and/or a U.S. Flag on your Cars and/or on your clothing.  Show your support and recognize others as they show their support.

Here is a link to a unique Gadsden/U.S. Flag pin I found online.





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