Saturday, May 8, 2010

Greece Riots, Who Riots???

If you pay any attention to what goes on in the world you must be aware that Greece is in a debt crisis right now which has lead to riots in the streets. If you google Greece Riots you will find information and pictures that would lead you believe the whole dam country is about to implode. Fire bombs and destruction are the norm. The real question that no one in the MSM is asking, "Who is actually rioting"? Who is behind the riots and why?

If you dig a little deeper than the headlines you'll see phrases like "the workers", what they mean to say, are the unions. Labor Unions are the root source of the discontent fueled by those in the Communist Party of Greece. Yes, I said Communist. The Communists and the Unions are behind most of these riots.  The Unions in fact are supported by the Communists (KKE) one of significant parties in Greece.  They also have representation from the Coalition of the Radical Left (SYRIZA) The Majority Party right now in Greece is the  Panhellenic Socialist Movement or the PASOK.

Why is the MSM hiding this fact?  Well in short the United States is following Greece down the same path and many of the issues they're dealing with in Greece we're dealing with right here in the U.S.  Worse is that we have been and continue to institute some of the very same policies that these Greek Socialist and Communists have advocated for years.  These policies have led to a near total financial collapse along with violence and rioting in the streets.  Is this the direction we want to continue heading?

We know that in the past our government has used highly trained operatives to infiltrate other governments and push them in one direction or another.  We also know that our CIA has outright coordinated regime change.  Some of these stories range from common sense to complete and utter conspiracy theory.  How drastic these actions are or where is of no consequence as long as we can agree that "some action" was taken.  If we can agree that "some action", has taken place, are we to be as naive to believe the great United States of America is the only power in the world to use such tactics.  Are we 100% sure that no such action has taken place in our own nation?

Consider how many top level officials we have heard from recently agreeing with Mao, preaching the virtues of socialism, and speaking about the free market and capitalism as if it's dirty and disgusting.  Consider for a moment that Rasmussen did a poll showing  Only 53% of American adults believe capitalism is better than socialism and that survey found that 20% disagree and say socialism is better. Twenty-seven percent (27%) are not sure which is better.  Where did this come from?  how is that  a random poll shows 27% don't know?  A recent Fox News Poll asking, "Should the display of an American flag be banned if a school administrator feels that display could lead to fights"?  Shows a lean towards YES.

YES!!!  WHAT???

Now I believe this Fox Poll has been muddied by some group or organization but why?  Consider the only reason to do this is to give the image that most Americans actually believe our flag should be banned as if it's somehow a disgusting or evil thing.  Now ask yourself if you believe this?  If you believe that some group would go out of their way to slant what should be a clearly pro-American poll would they hesitate an attempt to influence others that a pro-American point of view or positive outlook on the American Way is wrong?  Is Ronald Reagan's point of view on American Exceptionalism really dead?     

Just a few things to think about the next time you hear someone talk ill of the U.S. or of people who still love it.   



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  1. I think you'll find that the riots in Greece are mainly by students and that they are exercising their right to protest against what they feel is an injustice. A fundamental right that is regularly quashed by the so called "democratic" governments of western countries.

  2. Students are a big part as well and Students are also easily influenced. Who has influenced them and why?

  3. Yea, protesting the injustice that the flow of money sucked out of the pockets of the private sector is drying up. You'll see groups protesting the same injustice at our state capitol too. Too bad the gravy train doesn't last forever. It's an injustice.

  4. Here is a new Story,