Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Day After, how did the markets react?

So one day after the Debt Deal was reached how did the markets react to the plan that's supposed to save the sky from falling? Gold is up $40 Dollars an ounce and the DOW Jones is down 265 points. How's that for market confidence? Gold is now $1660 per oz. that's another historic high.

Timothy Geithner said, "I'm not sure whether the bitterly fought debt agreement will be enough to avoid a downgrade of the U.S. top-tier credit rating. "

Our Government, our leaders and our President seem hell bent on destroying the U.S. Dollar if it's the last thing they do. Count your lucky stars for the 24 Brave Members of Congress who voted against this plan and prepare for a fight like you've never seen before. If we don't turn this around in 2012 there is no telling how bad things might get.



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