Thursday, August 25, 2011

Michelle Bachmann supported Big Labor before she was against it.

In 2007 Michelle Bachmann not only voted for, but she co-sponsored a bill supported by then Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi to essentially force unionization of public sector public saftey workers. The bill H.R. 980 known as the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2007 can found here.

Michele Bachmann has disavowed her 2007 sponsorship of a bill granting collective-bargaining rights to firefighters and police officers. A spokesperson Alice Stewart said she signed onto the bill because she was given "bad information" and has since reversed her position. So wait a minute, she didn't read and understand the bill? That doesn't sound very TEA Party does it? Ron Paul on the other hand, voted NO.



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  1. On the other other hand, Dr. Paul will get us blown up by Iran - so sorry, I'll take her error over his. ~LifeDontWasteIt

  2. Ron Paul is a senile anti-Semite. Thank God we have the Patriot Act where we can track all of the looney Paulbots. I wish they would all run back to their bunkers before the black helicopters come !!! Hey Paulbots, we are watching you ! BOO! We are reading your mail. We are wiretapping your phones. BOO again !

  3. We know you are. That's why we're fighting back.