Monday, August 22, 2011

The Functions of Government

This is from a 7th Grade level workbook on Government.

See any issues?

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  1. "Loaning money for homes" doesn't seem like an essential function of government, though I guess that's debatable, and even if it didn't "directly" loan for homes, it still does, by loaning money to banks to loan to people for homes. That seems like a bad idea in retrospect since the 2008 housing market "crash" -- I notice the worksheet doesn't specify federal government except in the footnote at the bottom

  2. "Improving neighborhoods" is also kind of vague... regardless though, the government does a lot more than this, but they probably didn't want to scare the children. A big omission would be "subsidies" (farming comes to mind)... "retirement/entitlements", "medical insurance", et cetera.