Sunday, August 14, 2011

Dissecting the Ames Straw Poll Results

This years results from Ames are intriguing very intriguing. People like Mark Levin still refer to Ron Paul as a loon. On Friday Levin says there is no groundswell of support for Ron Paul even though his activists try to create the illusion of support in these straw polls. That's some illusion.

Ron Paul received 4671 votes in Iowa. That's 1% less than the winner or 152 votes less to be exact. That's fewer votes than the 217 that were unaccounted for, but I'm not going to get into the conspiracy side of it. Rather I'd like to focus on the huge gap between Ron Paul "the loon" and the rest of the field. In Iowa, interventionism still runs fairly high. Levin and war Mongers like him will have you believe that Ron Pauls opinions from Thursday's debate are crazy. If they are crazy, why did so many Iowians vote for Paul on Saturday?

The Gap between Paul and the rest is huge. Ron Paul received more than twice the votes of the third place finisher Tim Pawlenty. He received 3 times the votes of 4th and 5th place finishers Rick Santorum and Herman Cain. If you look at the above graph it looks like Ron Paul and Michelle Bachmann were in a different competition that the rest of the field. Newt Gingrich who scored some points last Thursday only received 385 votes. Mitt Romney "The Media's Front Runner" only received 567 votes. Mitt of course left Iowa after the Debate and did not attend the Straw Poll, but I personally don't think this effects the results as many Iowians go to Ames to vote, not decide who to vote for.

If people in the heart of the Midwest feel this strongly about Liberty I hope the rest of the nation takes notice. Only time will tell but until then I continue to support Ron Paul in his run. Good luck Doctor, you have my vote.



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