Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Bend Over Rich Folks Here it Comes!!!

Universal Health Care, the main issue they have in getting it done is the cost. Not anymore. All they need to do is have those bloody rich pay a little more of their fair share. It's almost like those idiots are trying to eliminate as many jobs as they can, kill any chance of a recovery. It's almost sick to accuse those who make $250k rich. I don't know what planet Politicians are living on but a family with an income of $250K probably is not vacationing in the Hampton's and certainly are not cruising the Caribbean in their own private yacht.

This is an attack based on wealth envy pure and simple. The politicians know darn well that they are in power right now in large part due to the votes of those who make much less than $250K. Most people who do not understand the implications this will have on jobs will simply shrug it off since it will not effect them. Those who do understand are simply part of the minority and there fore pose no threat.

We need to start waking people up. We need the small business owners to start sitting down with their employees and going over the numbers with everyone. Everyone who works for a Small Business needs to understand the liabilities and how much their employment costs. Then small business owners need to be blunt with their people and explain how much this tax will effect them. Spell out how many jobs will be cut if this goes forward.

I fear this may be the last chance we have to turn the tide on this one. If you love freedom and think capitalism works I implore you! You need to call your Senators, Urge all you know to call their Senators. Hell Call everyone, Tell Everyone. This and the Climate Change bill have the power to transform the face of our nation as we know it into a place where were the only the truly rich can afford to light their homes and we wait for months to see a doctor.

Good Luck All,


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