Saturday, July 11, 2009

Carl Cannon White House Reporter say, "We took sides"!

I mean really, They the press took sides. I had no idea. I mean I watched allot of the 2008 campaign coverage and It was clear that the media treated Joe Bidden the same as Sarah Palin. They covered how he might not be able to be a good father while performing the Post of VP. They also grilled him on his lavish wardrobe. And most visible was how they tested him at every turn on his historical knowledge. I was born in 1977 and I remember watching the coverage of the great depression on T.V. And I know Joe Bidden is much more brilliant than Sarah Palin.

If you believe the above ramble, YOU MIGHT BE A LIBERAL.

I think the coverage of last years campaign was a bright and shinny example of media bias. Anyone who thinks otherwise might have drank a bit too much Kool-Aid OOHHH YEAH!!!
If the mass media ever reclaims its honor I think it's fair to say that books will be written about how the media in 2008 was completely in the bag for Obama and the progressive movement. I fear however that glory days of subjective journalism are long over.



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