Saturday, July 18, 2009

More Crazy Nutty News

Nancy Pelosi says that they'll use surplus cash from Tax hikes to pay down the deficit if it's not needed for health care. Joe Bidden says that we need to keep spending more to avoid bankruptcy. Congress wants to force through a public option Health Care but make themselves exempt from it. Which Country is this that we live in? I'm confused.

First if we think there is a chance that we may not need all the cash for Health Care why are we raising taxes to get it? If anyone believe that a dollar of that money would go towards lowering the deficit after they have it in their coffers, they're nuts. If the Federal Government has shown anything at all, it's proven that they do not use surplus cash to pay off debt, they use it to expand and add programs. Second It wouldn't be surplus cash. We're already in massive debt. The idea that we should raise more money to spend more money on some public option health care plan is insane. Can you imagine if in your own household budget, you had several thousand dollars more debt than you had income coming in to cover. Then you decide to get a second job so you can afford a new car. ??? Does that make sense?

Joe Bidden, well I can't say much here that most people don't already know. But JOE, COME ON JOE! I mean really!!! Is that what you meant to say? It's politicians like this that make our younger generations confused. They listen to what their parents say and then go out into the world, where they are indoctrinated into hope and change. Then they are retrained by our leaders that the only way to avoid financial collapse is to continue to increase spending. No wonder that so many younger folks think that there is plenty of money to pay for everything is only all the rich people paid their fair share.

As for the health care issue, I think it's plain and simple. If Congress won't participate in the plan than obviously it must be crap. Do you understand what the word elitist means? Congress I'm talking to you. It's this kind of nonsense that makes me want to run for Congress. I feel like the average federal legislator really believes that they are some how that much better than the average folks. The taxpayers and workers who keep the nation moving are the ones who you work for. They are the ones you should be answering to. It's time we take a seriously hard look at the people we are voting for and decide if they are really fighting for us or themselves.



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