Friday, July 3, 2009

Sarah Palin 2012

Now that Sarah Palin has stepped aside as Governor of Alaska she'll be able to position herself as a serious candidate for 2012. I think it's funny how all the Liberal talking heads are already coming out today and saying this is the end of her political career. This may just be the beginning of her next step in her career. Liberals would like nothing more than see her down and out, wishful thinking I'll say. She may be the most real politician we've seen in a long, long time and this is what allot of people are eager for.

I for one am a fan, I'll support her. I know many are against her saying, "she needs to bone up on her foreign Policy knowledge". I'd vote for her with no Foreign Policy Knowledge. We as a nation need to start worrying less about what every other nation is doing, let's focus on the U.S. When we have our stuff neatly tied up and in order than we can go back to being the helping hand of the world.

Sarah Palin had more Executive Experience than Barack Obama and had just as much experience in foreign affairs as he did, which was NONE. Yet, when she ran as McCain's Vice Presidential candidate, she was treated like a worthless idiot. How many people traveled far and wide to go see Sarah Palin? Than this moronic McCain aid come out and blames her for their loss. I'm sorry but you got as close as you did because of Palin. I can't imagine another figure that would have drawn the kind of crowds that Sarah Palin drew.

If she does decide to run in 2012 I'd be torn between her and Mike Huckabee. How about a Palin/Huckabee ticket? Unless some other independent comes along that really has the right stuff That's where I'll be directing my attention.



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