Thursday, July 30, 2009

H.R. 3247

OK if you thought HR 3200 (Health Care Bill) was bad enough, wait there's more. Now the Congress is debating a bill the would create another Director (Czar) who would head an organization that would be responsible for researching how to control the American people on their energy uses. The bill would authorize $60 Million Dollars over 6 years. This would create a Social and Behavioral Research Advisory Committee. WHAT IS THAT???

Do we need this? Do we need to spend another $60 Million on this committee now? Is this the American Way? If you ask me, no.

You should really read this. Surprisingly this bill is only 5 pages long so it's actually something you can read in 10 minutes. Find it here.



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  1. This is just a bill to get funding in order to do research, and provide advice to energy companies.(Power companies?) While YES, they could always get momney somewhere else, but that doesnt mean they cant at least ASK for a grant first.

    I think it is just to figure out how people use the electricity and gas they purchase, if it is possible for them to use less and still be comfortable, and who may be more open to reducing usage.

    This kind of boils down to wanting to reduce polution by targeting the users of energy rather than putting the financial "burden" on the provider companies. Sort of like how some people prefer to bring their own bags to the grocery store instead of using paper or plastic bags. It saves money on both sides of the equation. People spend less money, companies spend less on equipment upgrades.

    Sounds win-win to me..

  2. IN GENERAL.—The Secretary shall establish a so
    cial and behavioral sciences research program to identify and understand social and behavioral factors that influence energy consumption and acceptance and adoption rates of new energy technologies, and to promote the utili-
    zation of the results of social and behavioral research to
    improve the design, development, demonstration, and application of energy technologies.

    If you think this means the government is only going to use this for energy consumption data your nuts.

  3. Instead of calling me nuts, explain what you THINK they will do with the data they collect.