Sunday, July 26, 2009

Liberal Fascism By Jonah Goldberg

This is a really eye opening opening book for anyone born after 1960 as well as anyone who has noticed that both Left and Right Wing folks throw around the F word when speaking about Political Leaders. I thought I understood pretty well the history of Fascism but this book opened my eyes to facts that I never knew about our American history. Things that they certainly do not teach you in school and Liberal Professors won't touch in fear that their ideals might be placed in question. If think you think you understand what Fascism is and where it came from you should read this book. if you don't understand what it is or where it came from you should REALLY READ THIS BOOK!

For those of you who are turned off by Goldberg's title, and the identification of the progressive education establishment as "Liberal Fascism", it would benefit you to do one simple thing, Read Goldberg's book.

In it, you will discover that the term "liberal fascism" was coined by H.G. Wells, a leading British Progressive (much better known today for his SF writing), to refer to the his Progressive platform. You will also find how enamored the various movements of the Left (Communism, Fascism, Socialism, Progressivism and Nazism) are to government mandated and controlled education. Head Start, anyone? Let's make it mandatory...

You'll discover that Fascism's historical record is the least anti-Semitic of all the Left's movements, and it has been unfairly tainted by Communist/Socialist propagandist AND its close political (not quite so close philosophical) association with Nazism (aka National Socialism. More importantly, you'll learn that neither Fascism nor Nazism are of the Right, but rather firmly located within the collectivist Left. A collectivist Left shared with Progressivism. Which brings us back to modern "Progressives" who want mandatory kindergarten and pre-school. What the post does is raise the question of the effectiveness of such efforts as measured by their proponents' standards.



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