Tuesday, August 11, 2009

AARP Supports Obama Health Reform Myths

The AARP has a pro propaganda website stating myths about Health Reform. Well the Myths aren't hard to challenge.

How can you actually state these myths and feel good about yourselves and service to retired people.

Myth #1 Health care reform is socialized medicine
Of course it's not being sold as Socialized medicine now. But what's going to happen when too many private firms go out of business. More and more people will be forced to go to the Government Plan. Our president has said himself that he favors a single payer system but that it will take 10 to 15 years to complete. He has only very recently said he is not in support of such a system, how convenient.

Myth # 2 Health care reform means rationed care.
Again they are not saying it will lead to rationing care. What do you think will happen when so many more people rush for care and the system gets overloaded? Providers will have NO CHOICE, but to decide who gets care and who does not. This will effect your members most of all. How dare you sell this idea as safe to your members.

Myth #3 Health care reform will hurt Medicare.
The plan is not final, so how can you say for sure. Several Senators have said that they would consider rolling Medicare into the Health Reform. Again nothing is final but it's just as misleading to tell your folks that it's not going to happen as it is for someone to say it's going to happen.

Myth # 4 Health care reform is too expensive We can't afford it.
The Country is broke now, we are living on credit, mostly from China. SO YOU FIGURE IT OUT!!!Does this mean we can't work to fix the system? Of course not. But we can't afford a new trillion dollar expense. Our money is already hardly worth the paper it's printed on.

Myth # 5 Myth: Health care reform means the government can make life-and-death decisions for you.
If the system gets overrun, and rationing occurs this is exactly what could happen. Once again, I'm not saying that this is how the plan is being written but what happens in 10 years 20 years if any of the worst case happens. The Government bureaucrats who run the system will by default be making life and death decisions.

I really wish you would pull your support of this plan. There are simply too many unknown factors at this time. NO ONE is saying we should do nothing. We need to work on this and get it right, not just get it done.

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