Saturday, August 1, 2009

Cash for Clunkers Fails (Is a Huge Success)

I guess it depends who you ask. If you ask someone with Conservative values the plan is a dismal failure. If you ask someone with a liberal point of view it's a huge success. How can this be? Even more confusing is the fact that both Republicans and Democrats voted to increase funding at the last minute to keep the plan alive. I heard someone say that this is the most successful stimulus plan yet.

The plan ran out of money in 4 days. They planned for the money to last for 4 months. If your family goes thru 4 months budget in 4 days, is this a huge success? Do you run to bank and take out a loan so you can keep spending money? Does the bank give you the loan?

I'm not a big fan of the Cash for Clunkers program. I don't think it was a great idea to pay people for cars that still had value just so we could turn them into scrap with no value. I fail to see the logic in destroying a car, not recycling, destroying. This is a green plan? Now that I see the politicians falling all over themselves about how huge of a success this is, I fear that we will not see the end of it for some time.

Well if they do continue the plan you might want to consider buying one of those $300 cars from the news paper classified and get it insured and registered so you can drive it in for a credit next year:-)



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  1. No, this plan was NOT well thought out. The basic principle of it was great(Gives people an incentive to get there nasty smoke billowing cars off the road), but they didn't put enough effort behind it.

    Why didn't they make it self-sufficient?

    Why didn't they account for people wanting to take advantage of this in a shitty economy?

    Why didn't they allocate enough money for it to last more than a week?


  2. They planned on the Money lasting for 4 months, it lasted for about 4 days. That Shows how good they are at financial forcasting, yet we are sopposed to believe they can handle all the Health Care Cost Forcasting...