Monday, August 10, 2009

Grass Root or Astro Turf?

Man I was on top of this months ago when I first got involved with the Tea Parties. When I went to my first Tea Party I called a Sign Shop and asked how much it would cost to make me a sign. I scoffed at the quote I received and decided to buy poster board and Markers at the office supply store. I then asked myself how some many protester's on T.V. have pro printed signs, it must cost a fortune, oh well I thought I'm going to make my own.

Now, the Liberals in Washington are calling me and folks like myself Fake, Astro Turf. Wait just a minute. I went to the Town Hall meeting here in Danville, IL and a group got off a BUS a CHARTED BUS with Huge Signs Pre-Printed Signs. This was before the media and Nancy Pelosi started to accuse us of being a GOP MOB. And again I asked myself, what is going on here. Who is paying for this? Who paid for full size "First Student" Charted Bus to bring these organized protester's to a town hall meeting?

Now I see and hear that others have made the same connection and I'm kicking myself, why didn't I speak up when I first noticed this, oh well. The important thing is that people are noticing, they are noticing and talking about it. For years now, Liberal lapdogs have gone to protests with nice clean printed signs yelling and screaming about some thing or another waiting for the camera and then leaving and yet no one asked, who printed the signs for those folks. Grassroots, my ass. I have more Grass growing there then those fools have I GUARANTEE IT!



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